Why Us

Avoid bankruptcy while seeking favorable settlements.

  • Business & Personal Debt Relief
  • Aggressive Negotiations
  • Credit assessment
  • Collection Reputation
  • Consistent Updates
  • Legal Protection Plan Offered
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Our Process

Sync your debt into one affordable monthly payment.

Settlements are negotiated using your funds in a strategic order to avoid any possible litigation with your credit cards or past due loan accounts.

Savings are achieved once we reach an agreement with the original creditor or 3rd party collector. We offer legal protection services in the event of court a date.

Our Services

We provide trustworthy debt relief services specifically known as debt settlement with the option to choose credit counseling to counter the negative effects that past due accounts can cause on your credit report. We negotiate with your creditors
to settle your debt for less than the full amount that is owed. Helping our clients get out of debt faster while saving money every month! Our program consists of three steps.

Build Your Dedicated

  • FDIC Insured
  • Affordable monthly payments
  • You have total control of your dedicated account


  • Contact Creditor to reduce debt
  • Obtain great savings

Settlement Payment

  • Funds are sent from your dedicated account to creditors per the signed agreement
  • Debt will be paid down as you save money
  • Same process is done with all the accounts
  • Debt will be eliminated

Settlement Examples

Below are example templates of past performed settlement arrangements. Savings vary based on multiple
collection factors. Please understand past performances are not guaranteed results and are used as
example slides of evidence which assist with overall program expectations.











Settled For










Settlement %










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Our Mission

Major Debt Negotiators mission is to provide debt settlement solutions and relieve stress for individuals who are overwhelmed with debt and financial hardships. It is also our intention not just to provide debt relief services but also financial consultation and education to ensure the clients that go through our program will continue to live a debt free life. It’s our goal to help people eliminate their debt as quickly as possible, clients trust us to create a financial plan that works and we take that seriously!

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